Stream Setup
Stream type: DASH
Test manifest:
Stream info
Available video tracks: Cycle video tracks
Active resolution: Loop video
Decoded Frames: Mute
Dropped Frames:
Dropped Frames % :
Query parameters


h264, h264_60, vp8, vp9, vp9_60, vp9.2, av1, av1_60, hevc, color

Specify codec using the codec query parameter. Example:


144, 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080, 1440, 2160

Specify desired resolution using the resolution query parameter. Example: If not specified then the video stream will start with first available resolution.

Not all codecs support all resolutions. Please check by loading stream manually before configuring URL parameters for automation.

Other Parameters

cycle: This will cycle through resolutions available for a stream if set to "true". Don't use if already using resolution param. Example:

loop: This will loop the video once it ends if set to "true". Example:

mute: This will mute the sound on the video player if set to "true". Example:

seek: This will make the video seek to some location every 5 seconds if its value is "true". How far to seek can be specified by "duration" parameter or if duration is not specified then a random location will be chosen every time.

duration: The number of seconds to skip ahead when seeking. If seek is not set to true then this value has no effect. It can be left blank to select a random value every time a seek operation happens.